Competently Priced Investment Lines of Insurance

We have seen the frustration landlords have finding excellent insurance & excellent premiums for their quality student rental properties.

Over the years, we have worked with various insurance companies to develop programs specifically designed for student rental risks.

We can tailor an insurance program to suit your individual needs. There are cost savings available to you if you have multiple properties.

We also have special apartment packages for your multi-unit buildings.

Whether it is student or family occupied, this program combines all your coverages into one convenient package.

Depending on the package you choose, the following are also included within a specified special limit: professional fees, glass & signs, outside plants & shrubs, master key replacement, contingent loss of income and fire department expenses.

There are extra discounts offered on your fire-resistive & claims-free buildings. Flood & earthquake coverages are also available.

A building under construction requires key coverages at various points during development.

Our builders risk or course of construction policies can offer a wide variety of protection for you and your property. This includes physical damage and liability protection.

Many lenders will not advance construction loans until evidence of this insurance is provided.


"We have been insuring student & rental properties in the Waterloo area for over 20 years"